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 Ukoliko zelite da gledate nase evente i da ucestvujete u nekima ostavite subskrajb na nas youtube kanal :

Skill Arena F.A.Q

Prekinite da kacite topice na koje je odgovoreno 1000 puta.

Procitajte ako vas sta zanima na https://www.sa-rpg.com/forum/index.php?/topic/348655-ultimate-faq-odgovori-na-sva-vasa-pitanja-koja-kacite-500-puta/

pre nego sto bilo sta napisete. 

H V A L A !

Prijave za MTA War League

Na ovom linku lider vase organizacije moze prijaviti vas tim 


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Maintenance OVH [26 septembar]

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Dear Customer,

A maintenance operation is scheduled for the SBG3 region on 26th September 2018, between 09:00p.m. and 01:00a.m. UTC+2. This should not result in any service issues for your instances, but some of the APIs in this region will be unreachable while the operation is being carried out.

The following projects will be affected by this operation:

    - Deity (id d2184353124*****************)

The following API endpoints will be under maintenance:


Other areas will remain accessible via API, and via your OVH Control Panel.

We are carrying out this operation to prepare for the future. With this OpenStack version upgrade, we can continue improving our Public Cloud solutions by offering new features over the next few months.

The API calls you are currently using will not change, and this new version is backward compatible with the old one.

The target versions of OpenStack components for this area are:

    Glance: 13.0.0 (Newton)
    Cinder: 9.1.4 (Newton)
    Nova: 14.1.0 (Newton)
    Neutron: 9.4.1 (Newton)

The following components will not be affected by the operation:

    Keystone: 11.0.3 (Ocata)
    Swift: 2.15.1 (Pike)
    Horizon: 12.0.0 (Pike)

You can track the progress of the operation by following this status task: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=33944

This update represents a significant step in our product development. Other regions will undergo the same development in the next few weeks. Many thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for choosing OVH, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

Best regards,

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